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Block paving is one of the most popular choices when it comes to residential driveways. Due to its durability, design flexibility, colour range and cost, it is no wonder that block paving is a homeowner’s first choice. Whether you want clay bricks or concrete blocks, natural stone or a completely bespoke driveway design, we'll make sure your new drive complements the front of your house.

Our friendly, professional team is only too happy to help you make decisions about what you would like to achieve in your garden space. From design concepts through to the type of material to the plants you would like to include, we can guide you each step of the way, helping you tailor your choices to your needs. Our expert knowledge and experience means we can offer in-depth and informed advice.

The benefits of block paving are far reaching. Not only is block paving a fantastic solution for off-street parking, it also offers a low maintenance space which can be easily tailored to your tastes and requirements.

Block paving is extremely durable and it adds value to a home whether that is by creating off-street parking or providing a patio area where you can enjoy dining al fresco. We can also install block paving in a way which helps water to soak away to drains or permeable areas such as soil and lawn.

Types of Block Paving

There are two basic types of block paving which are the kiln-fired clay brick and the moulded concrete block. There is almost a never ending variety of bricks and blocks, especially with the moulded concrete block.

Moulded concrete blocks come in a range of sizes, shapes, colours, textures and more. Manufacturers often design and create their own style of blocks too. From contemporary designs to those which appeal to a more traditional taste, you will find a moulded concrete block to suit your palette.

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  • How long does a block paving driveway take to complete?
    As every job is different, it isn't possible to be specific. On average, a medium sized block paving driveway would take approximately 4 to 5 days to complete. Once a site survey has been carried out, we will be able to give an accurate time.
  • How to stop weeds on a Block Paved Drive
    Sealing block paving is the most effective process in the on-going fight against weeds. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and the more expensive sealers are usually the most effective.
  • Can the price quoted for a driveway suddenly change during the job?
    Not at all. What we quote is exactly what you pay. This is 100% guaranteed on all driveway quotations.
  • How long before I can park my car on a new block paving driveway?
    As long as no concrete is used, block paving can be parked on immediately using a normal car. If concrete was used during the installation, then an allowance of 7 days for a normal car is standard.