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Tarmac driveways are a good choice because of their cost, the ease in which they are to lay and, in almost all circumstances, they can be laid directly onto other surfaces. Tarmac is also very durable and requires very little maintenance. It is a good way of helping driveways look clean and presentable without the high price tag.

Tarmac is also impermeable so it does not get water or weather damaged easily and it works with other materials such as the driveway edging onto a lawn for instance. As a professional team, we pay full attention when it comes to laying a Tarmac driveway. Concentration is needed for this task so the material is laid accurately, to the correct thickness and smoothly. We order very good quality Tarmac which is delivered at the time we arrange for it to be delivered.

How do you lay a Tarmac Driveway?

The process for laying Tarmac is simple. We will visit you at your home and discuss which type of Tarmac you would like as it can come in different colours. We will take a look at the area in which you want the Tarmac laid and chat through any alternatives you may be considering.

We then set about rolling the Tarmac while it is hot so that it is laid correctly. We never use leftover tarmac from previous jobs; it is difficult to roll and leaves a substandard finish. We always achieve an excellent finish for our customers.

The Benefits of a Tarmac Driveway

Tarmac driveways are a cost effective solution copmpared to other driveway materials such as block paving and resin. Tarmac is durable and can be laid directly on top of existing surfaces which means a reduction in time and cost. Tarmac driveways also require very little maintenance. If you are considering a Tarmac driveway then please get in touch today to find out more

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Tudor Rose Paving offer a reliable, professional and reasonably priced Tarmac Driveway installation service. Our fully qualified and highly experienced team ensure all Driveway are installed to the highest standards. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and is the key to our on-going success. We install tarmac drives throughout the whole of the Medway, Canterbury, Swale and Thanet.

The size of your project is irrelevant to us. Our Tarmac Driveway experts, apply the same care and attention to detail for every installation carried out. Tudor Rose are your local Tarmac driveway specialists. Get in touch today for a free no obligation quotation and find out how Tudor Rose Paving can help with your new Drive.



  • How long does a tarmac driveway last?
    A well laid, good quality Tarmac Driveway will typically last between 10 to 20 years. The more you take care of your tarmac drive, the longer it will last.
  • How do you maintain a tarmac driveway?
    We can apply a high quality sealant to preserve the life of your new Tarmac driveway. The sealant will act like a barrier to help keep your driveway looking new.
  • Can the price quoted for a Tarmac driveway suddenly increase during the installation?
    Absolutely not! We guarantee the price we quote is exactly the price we charge.
  • How long before I can park on newly laid tarmac driveway?
    Although you can walk almost immediately on a new tarmac drive, it is always better to wait at least 48 hours before parking a car on it.